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Up through the midterm we worked with a special teaching language that used postfix literal notation. A special advantage of it was how easily it lends itself to programming truth table relationships, which are the key to understanding valid argument forms. The transition to conventional notation should be very easy (although for someone who has started with conventional infix notation it often is difficult to adjust to PLN).

Let's look at how we do things with conventional symbolism. Do note that the symbolization used here is perhaps the most common but it is definitely not the only system in use.
For the connectives (what we called signals before) we have one less than in PLN.

negation: ~P (PN) read as curl P
conjunction: P & Q (PQA) P ampersand Q
disjunction: P v Q (PQO) P wedge Q
implication: P -> Q (PQC) P arrow Q
biconditional (mutual implication): P <-> Q (PQB) P double arrow Q
For mutual exclusion (exclusive disjunction, or the sense of 'or' when only one choice is possible), we need to use a more roundabout expression: ~(P <-> Q) or (P v Q) & ~(P & Q).

With postfix notation grouping was handled automatically by the placement of the signals. For infix notation we have new punctuation with parentheses:

PQRAO would become P v (Q & R) while PQARO is (P & Q) v R.

In more complex expressions we may need to nest the parentheses. For instance, PQRAON would become ~(P v (Q & R)).

Because there are no longer letters for signals, we do not need to restrict the letters used for variables, and we do not need to set up a code as we do in PLN. Normally, we will symbolize by using a letter that goes with the English words, as in the example below.

The test is not easy but the students are ready. ~T & S or maybe ~E & R

Conventional notion of death

While I am not sure I can answer the question thoroughly, I do sense that all of the answers thus far seem to dance around the target. A good starting point might be to establish a common definition of non-traditional security issues or threats.

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Electron Flow Theory


Conventional Notion

Rewrite each expression in conventional notation.

Conventional Notions Of Gender


Conventional Notions Definition


Symbolize in conventional notation.

Conventional Notion Meaning

1. The test is long but it is not hard.
2. Unless the test is hard the students will be successful.
3. The test is hard if the students are not prepared.
4. The test is hard only if the students are not prepared.
5. If the test is both hard and long then the students will not be successful.
6. What is not true is that the test is hard only if it is long.
7. The students are prepared and they will be successful.
8. The test is hard if and only if the students are not prepared.

Electron Flow Vs Conventional Flow

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