Colour Grid

Colour Grid


Albert Einstein allegedly made this riddle for his scholars.
A fellow encountered a bear in a wasteland. There was nobody else there. Both were frightened and ran away. Fellow to the north, bear to the west. Suddenly the fellow stopped, aimed his gun to the south and shot the bear. What color was the bear?
If you don't know, this may help you: if the bear ran about 3.14 times faster than the fellow (still westwards), the fellow could have shot straight in front of him, however for the booty he would have to go to the south.

It all happened on the North Pole. When the man shot, he must have been right on the North Pole. Getting it? So it makes sense to assume that the only color the bear could be was WHITE.
So this is it. I've heard another logical solutions (even that there are no bears neither on the North nor on the South Pole), but this one presented makes sense to me. And what about you?

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Rotate and interpolate a vector field (uin,vin) from a lat/lon grid with longitudes = lons and latitudes = lats to a ny by nx map projection grid. The input vector field is defined in spherical coordinates (it has eastward and northward components) while the output vector field is rotated to map projection coordinates (relative to x and y). Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for customizing Windows 10. Utilities include ColorPicker (click anywhere to grab a color value), FancyZones (shortcuts to position windows into a grid layout), File Explorer Add-ons (preview SVGs or Markdown files), Image Resizer (resize one or many images with a simple right-click), Keyboard Manager (remap keys or create your own shortcuts.

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.Please also note that due to similarities with certain colours not every colour seen below is stocked. Blissetts Unit 1, Shield Drive, West Cross Industrial Park, Great West Road, Brentford, TW8 9EX.