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Transform the approach you take to meet your Medicare marketing, sales and retention goals. Achieve complete visibility to the entire sales life-cycle from marketing to sale across all distribution channels – all within one powerful platform that combines automated lead management and distribution, quoting and enrollment and agency management to provide you with one solution for all of your needs.

Real-time Data

Cms Direct Mail Tracking

Complete visibility to real-time marketing campaign performance, lead ownership and results with dashboards, reports or through our open API.

Lead Distribution

Create lead distribution rules and route leads to the right agents based on the consumer’s channel of choice.

Regulation Audit

Improve adherence to to industry regulations with built-in compliance features such as as consent to contact tracking, activity logs, Do Not Call checks, NPN licensing checks, and built-in call scripts.

Less Investment

A turnkey solution that requires less upfront costs, less recurring costs, and achieves a faster speed to market with ready to use Medicare features.

Optimize Sales

Never lose a lead again by optimizing sales efforts across all distribution channels with a single line of sight.



  • Ensure agents are only offering customers products they’re licensed, certified and appointed to sell using AgentCubed licensing and appointment tracking features.
  • Track beneficiaries consent to contact to improve adherence to CMS and TCPA regulations
  • Track do not call, do not email, and do not mail to limit outbound efforts to beneficiaries that have requested otherwise
  • Capture and retain documentation for each and every beneficiary interaction including enrollment checklists, scope of appointments, business reply cards.
  • AgentCubed works with industry experts and constantly monitors the Medicare Marketing & Enrollment Guidelines to simplify adherence.

Campaign Tracking

  • Always stay on top of KPI’s using fully customizable, real-time dashboards to track and monitor data.
  • Effectively monitor marketing campaigns by volume, market, and conversion rate. Utilize real-time data to influence lead buying decisions.
  • Utilize the prospect data solution to prefill information when leads respond to targeted campaigns.
  • Build purchasing profiles for future marketing campaigns, staffing models, and agent training using invaluable post-campaign analytics.

Direct Mail

  • We will integrate with your third party providers to exchange direct mail lists and responder data directly.
  • Fully automate the capture and distribution of inbound calls, digital lead forms andbusiness reply card responses generated from direct mail campaigns.

Fulfillment Requests

Cms Direct Mail Manchester

  • Simplify request forsales collateral such as pre-enrollment kits, summary of benefits, and all-in-one guides.
  • Filter sales collateral by geographic location and limit more expensive collateral pieces to only responders of specific marketing campaigns.
  • Integration with in-house or third party fulfillment providers to enable fulfillment by mail.
  • Create electronic fulfillment options to satisfy prospects that want immediate information to their email.

Cms Direct Mail Login

Cms Direct Mail


  • Agents can submit their own seminar event details for review and approval by sales support teams.
  • Sales support teams can create and manage detailed information for seminars including presenter, location, date, time, attendee count, and more.
  • Use the search feature to locate a seminar based on the distance (mile radius) of the seminar relative to the zip code of the lead.
  • Each RSVP is a record in the system that can be dispositioned and nurtured before and after the seminar event.
  • Automate workflows for intelligent lead distribution based on geography, agent licensing level, and even agent skill level.
  • Access all customers in one easy-to-use platform, with automatic distribution of follow-up tasks, built-in calendar and event reminders.
  • Utilize features such as integrated telephony, call scripting, built-in quoting – everything you need to convert a lead into a customer.
  • Lead nurturing feature improves response times, ensuring the highest converting leads route to top-performing agents, while aged leads direct to your second tier sales force.
  • Built in quoting and enrollment capabilities allowing your users to quote and enroll directly within the CRM.
  • Customers can compare benefits, rates, and providers and complete the enrollment process whenever they want.
  • Customize your online enrollment system to support your business’s unique workflows at scale.
  • More direct access to a wider variety of products, both on and off government exchanges.
  • Eliminate case management using automated underwriting, book of business and commission files via integration with select carriers.
  • Customize product configuration based on carrier, coverage type, plan, price and geographic ability.
  • Get real-time access to sales results after easily inputting and tracking products sold.
  • Easily find and track effective dates and Medicare claim numbers.

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Since most Medicare marketing takes place during two time periods—when prospects turn 65 (Age-In) and the Annual Election Period (AEP)—prospects are hearing from you and your competitors. Here’s how to make your creative work extra hard to break through.

Cms direct mail tracking

(1) Use official-looking outer envelopes. This is true for insurance mailings in general and Medicare in particular. In test after test, packages that look very important and urgent outperform those that look more promotional. Remember, the only function of a direct mail envelope is to get opened so that readers will see your message inside. They’re more likely to open a brown kraft envelope with black barcodes (or even a white envelope with no teaser) than one that looks like advertising.

(2) Inform and educate. Medicare is complex and plans change every year. Prospects want information—and providing that information helps build trust. Yet it’s important that your mailings are easy-to-read and benefit-oriented. Use direct mail to communicate the benefits of the information you’ll provide. For example, “learn about Medicare and your choices” or “find the right plan for your health needs, budget and lifestyle.” Then, provide the promised information in the form of a FREE Medicare Guide or other material they can request. This lets you keep your mailing simple and strong with a valuable offer and clear call to action.

(3) Communicate the right message at the right time. There’s so much to say about Medicare that it’s easy to lose sight of the appropriate message. When your prospects’ 65th birthday is still 6 months away, they’re probably not interested in the benefits of your Medicare Advantage plan; instead, they need to learn what a Med Advantage plan is. During AEP, you don’t need to teach them about Medicare; you need to sell competitively.

To see tips #4 and #5, check out Anderson Direct & Digital's full blog post.