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GeForce Now, the game streaming service Nvidia launched out of beta last month, has lost another big player in its offerings. Titles from the behemoth publisher 2K Games are the latest to be pulled from the subscription service.


'Per publisher request, please be advised 2K Games titles will be removed from GeForce NOW today,' Nvidia announced in its forums. 'We are working with 2K Games to re-enable their games in the future.'

The publisher's games repertoire includes well-known series such as BioShock, Borderlands, and NBA 2K. Streaming-friendly turn-based series such as Civilization and XCOM are also under the company's umbrella, which may be the biggest losses to the service from the move.

The removal arrives only a couple of weeks after Bethesda Softworks yanked nearly all of its games from the GeForce Now network, leaving only Wolfenstein: Youngblood behind. Just before that, Activision Blizzard also removed its games selection. Losing these major publishers is certainly a massive loss for the streaming service, and could just be the start of a AAA games exodus.

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Unlike other cloud gaming services like Google Stadia, GeForce Now utilizes game licenses that subscribers already own on through platforms like Steam without needing to purchase them again. For $4.99 a month, Nvidia allows those games to be streamed to Windows, macOS, Shield, and Android devices through their own servers.

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