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That charge could be for a purchase of a Premium version of MalwareBytes anti-malware software program. There is a free downloaded version which is available over the internet & once you have it, it offers an upgraded version which cost additional money. I upgraded mine for $24.95

  1. Each time I went to use my computer a flashing message was all over it saying I had serios problems and to prove there point I could press scan and see for myself. Thought I had better buy the product before my computer dies on me. I brought the product that would clean up my computer. When I went to use it another flash came on screen to say I would get better results if I.
  2. Sep 06, 2016 DEU? The credit card charge CBA.MALWAREBYTES CLEVERBRIDGE. DEU was first recorded on September 06, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.
  3. CBA MALWAREBYTES CORP CLEVERBRIDGE DEU credit charge is the number 3485 in our database. The charge comes from a fraudulent company transaction in Australia.

Great program by the way. It really does work and gets rid of hidden virus/malware that could be hijacking and slowing your computer.

posted 02/06/2015 by RR
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