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Booststrap download template includes a pure MVC project just to keep building to create your website. The syntax is built in php so to run this you need a server that accepts php. Otherwise you can add the files to the desired server language and import them under the pages into that syntax.

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What you download is a simple start page based on bootstap styles and scripts.

let’s break down the different pages and code.

Folder structure:

Front page view is index.php this is where everything you want to present on the page is.

index.php is the main page and here we impot all functionality using php requier.

Then we break down the layout pages that are impoted to get a cleaner page.

stylesNscripts.php is our layout page that includes scripts and styles it is in this file that we download W3.CSS style, fontawesome and jquery. If there are more libraries you want to use, we will include them here.

nav.php manage our menu and links to all subpages of the site

header.php page that holds our homepage banner this page is usually excluded on subpages

footer.php this page is found on all pages often with information about the company such as address and contact information. Also a good place to post social media links for sharing.



Handles the request from the View like user inputs. Processes the data passing it to the Model and returning it back to the View. Acts like a coordinator between the view and the model. In the controller we have our UX (User Experience). The controller is responsible for handle the system traffic of returns and requests.

Bootstrap 4 Starter Page


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Business logic, backend it’s here the communication with the data layer is handled I prefer to put the data layer outside off the model but you can say that the model is a part of the data layer. Communication with databases is happening here. Model is used to separate the logic from the view buy using the controller to communicate with both view and model.

Bootstrap Starting Template

BootstrapBootstrap starting template

That was it about creating a simple start page and having as a template for all upcoming projects.