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Dhir Acharya - Feb 19, 2021

'No, I’m not a Mar person. I know a lot of Mars people. But, you know, I’m not subject to that,' Bill Gates said earlier this week.

Bill Gates is not a Mars person, he claimed. The founder of Microsoft also said he would rather spend money and fighting climate change and measles vaccines than settling down on the red planet.

These statements were aired earlier this week, during which the tech mogul explained how he wants to focus on Earth.

“No, I’m not a Mar person. I know a lot of Mars people. But, you know, I’m not subject to that.”

Indeed, Gates did not object but even praised those like Elon Musk as well as his contribution to the electric vehicle field. Gates called Musk’s creation “one of the greatest contributions to climate change anyone’s ever made.” He also said, “Underestimating Elon is not a good idea.”

Bill Gates Spend Money

However, he stated that it’s easier to work on electric vehicles as larger industries are moving towards sustainability. According to Gates, there remain challenging problems we also need to work on like cement, steel, meat while passenger cars or electricity account for only a third of the issue. That means we have to focus on the other two-thirds.

He pointed out that instead of spending money on space missions to Mars, he prefers to fund Earth-related measures like health issues and the climate crisis.


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Gate’s actions are the most apparent proof of what he supports. For example, in 2020, he unveiled a nuclear power venture in the hope of fighting climate change and warned that the death toll caused by climate change will far exceed the COVID-19 pandemic’s number.

Gate is a practical man who can speculate how things will develop and he’s usually right. So, when he shares his predictions of what may come up, we should probably listen.



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