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Ok.. I’m so ecstatic.. a quick blog post must be written…

Ever since I upgraded to VMware Fusion 12 and Big Sur, I have had issues getting my network to connect in my VMs. I tried going on every VMWare support forum but was not able to find a solution. When I go in to modify the DNS of my VM's to, VMware will automatically change it. VMware today is announcing Fusion 12, the next major update to Fusion, its virtualization software that allows users to run a variety of operating systems on virtual machines within macOS.

The Product manager of VMware Fusion, Michael Roy, had a classic “One More Thing” item in his VMworld presentation. The presentation was “What’s New with VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion”.

While running a Big Sur macOS guest, he showed “Metal Support” working without a hitch… Now we have been told for years that we cannot get 3D Acceleration in a macOS guest. Seeing this on the list of “things to come” was already pretty great. Something to look forward to.
During that same presentation he also showed the .vmx settings in order to get that working. Once the feature lands…

Who wants to wait?

Vmware Fusion 12.1 Big Sur

So of course, immediately after the presentation I had to try. No matter that it is only supposed to be working in a future version of VMware Fusion 12.0.
After adding the .vmx settings from the presentation I got a “Invalid configuration” error (or something along those lines).
OK, sad panda.
But … silly me did not look at the vmware.log file. Today I was poking Michael a bit on twitter and asking about how well Metal works on Big Sur beta 9 and that it is “so hard to wait” and he tells me “but you can try it yourself already”… 😮

Vmware Fusion 12 Big Sur Vpn

OMG.. that’s when I realized that I had missed a detail..

Testing Big Sur in a VM using VMware Fusion 12. We love to see it. But if you try to build a VM using the beta 9 full disk image it will fail stating that it is unable to create the installation medium. VMware is aware of this. The joy of Apple betas. Let's just dig into how to get this ball rolling. VMware Fusion 12 is now available for Mac. A month after its announcement, Fusion 12 is made available for ‌macOS Catalina‌ and Big Sur, in addition to Workstation 16 for Windows. “In preparation for the next major version of macOS 11.0 Big Sur, VMware has made full use of Apple’s hypervisor and other APIs, removing the need for.

Vmware fusion 11 big sur

It’s all in the details


Also my host wasn’t running Big Sur yet (I had only run it in a VM)
… so… next hour or so I was frantically busy installing Big Sur Beta 9 on my 2014 Mac Mini and YES… IT DOES WORK and it is SOOOO SMOOTH

This is the best thing since sliced bread.

THANK YOU VMware Fusion team!

In summary

This is not an officially released feature, treat it what it is: Experimental
Required: minimum of macOS Big Sur as host OS
Required: minimum VMware Fusion 12.0
Guest OS support: minimum of macOS Big Sur as guest OS (earlier macOS versions are missing the GPU paravirtual kernel extension for this – AppleParavirtGPU.kext. Unless apple steps in here and releases that for earlier macOS versions, it likely isn’t coming to earlier guest OS’s)
You have to add the following lines to the .vmx file of your VM in order to test this:
appleGPU0.screen0.width = '1680'
appleGPU0.screen0.height = '1050'

To be honest I don’t even have the lines with width and height, but that’s how you can define that for now.
It will only get better from here on once it is officially supported.

Update 2020/11/13: Another tip from Michael Roy (thanks Mike) is to update your VMware Tools to 11.2

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Vmware Fusion 12 Big Sur Windows 10

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Fusion 12 Pro

So I just installed the new VMware Fusion 12.1.0 on my macOS Big Sur Hackintosh. I am using Intel Core i5 4590 and Gigabyte H81M motherboard series. This VMware Fusion works very well on my Hackintosh build. Previously, I had some issues running this VMware Fusion on my AMD Ryzen Hackintosh. But on Intel build, this program works flawlessly. I can create new VMs and run them without any issues.

VMware Fusion is a virtualization software from VMware. If you know VMware Workstation for Windows and Linux, the VMware Fusion is the macOS version. We can create and run multiple operating systems on a single macOS host. For more information, please visit the official VMware Fusion website. With this software, you can run Windows 10 on your macOS Big Sur. Or, you can also install Linux distributions on macOS without issues.

Vm Fusion Big Sur

If you are planning to build your own Hackintosh PC, and you want to install VMware Fusion on it, Intel build could be the best option. AMD Ryzen is fast but there are some issues to run several applications such as VMware Fusion, Adobe products and maybe some others.

Big Sur Vmware Fusion 12 Inch

VMware Fusion 12.1.0 on macOS Big Sur Screenshots

Vmware Fusion 12 Big Sur Guest

Here are some screenshots from my VMware Fusion 12.1.0 installed on my Intel Hackintosh running macOS Big Sur 11.1.