Better Than Second Life


1. Not Enough Women –

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One of the best things about Second Life is the diversity you find there. Including well…. a ton of beautiful women.

Now I like hanging out with the guys as much as anyone else but I like to talk to women and be around women. I miss it and notice when there are not any around.


Playstation Home on the other hand contains very few women because hardly any women own a PS3. Check out this video for an example of how scarce women are in Playstation Home:

2. More Character Creation Options –

Everyone looks pretty much the same in Playstation Home. Oh sure you can customize your avatar a little bit but try being an animal or a monster.

Playstation Home Character Creation Video:

In Second Life you have a much wider range of character creation options for making your 3d avatar.

Video of Strange Avatars in Second Life

3. Teen and Adult Separation –

With Second Life you have a dedicated Teen Second Life Grid separate from the more adults only Second Life grid. This keeps the 13-17 year olds apart from the 18-70 year olds.

This is not the case in Playstation Home however. If you are 13-17 you do not usually want to interact with some old dude. And if you are 18-70 you do not want to be involved with the immature activities of teenage boys. PS3 Home creates a frustrating type of player interaction in many cases because of this as the below video illustrates.

4. Much Lower Number of Potential Users –

How many people have computers? Well most of those can play Second Life. Now how many fewer have a Sony Playstation 3? Of that much lower number many will be busy with other activities or games and will not be playing Playstation Home.

5. Not Enough to Do in Playstation Home –

For now you can run around, play some mini games, dance, chat, watch a small amount of movies, and that is about it.


Playstation Home Walkthrough Video:

Second Life lets you be an artist, run a business, make clothes, write applications, create 3d objects, fight each other, ride vehicles, plus all of the things in PS3 Home and much more.

Drive Your Car In Second Life

6. No user created content –

Second Life touts it’s modeling tools and scripting tools (Second Life uses Mono) and the fact that you own what you create in the virtual world.

Sony Home allows almost zero user created content. That makes things a lot less fun and forces you to rely on corporations and companies to provide the in game content which they will not do unless they get a return on their investment.

7. NO Way to Make Money –

Some critics complain Second Life is mostly about making money. But there is NO WAY to make money in Playstation 3 Home. All the transactions are run through a Sony store. There is no way to create or obtain new items other than purchase and I don’t think you can even transfer items between players.

8. PS Home is an Infant –

Second Life launched in 2003 and has had years to develop, grow, expand, hold events, stabilize, make policy changes. PS Home just launched December 11, 2008. so naturally it needs some improvements.

9. One of Many Priorities –

PS Home is just one of hundreds of other priorities whereas Second Life is Linden Labs only bread and butter. It will be hard for Sony to give PS Home the serious focus and priority that it really needs and they will be easily be distracted by other projects and budget cuts and employee layoffs.

Is Second Life Better Than Imvu

10. Open Source vs Proprietary Software –

When Second Life decided to move to Open Source it harnessed the power of tens of thousands of programmers. It has proved the right decision with many new upgrades, innovations, and stability quickly following. The fact that Sony holds the keys tightly to Playstation Home will limit growth and innovation in this virtual world.

In your quest to find the most amazing virtual world, the one you’ll love so much you’ll want to spend most of your waking time (who are we kidding, it’s where you’ll end up spending ALL of your time), you’ve probably stumbled upon names like IMVU and Second Life. Both are well known in the virtual world arena, so they probably caught your attention. But how can you decide which one is the best one for you?! Let’s explore the answers to that burning question.

IMVU vs Second Life…
a virtual world of difference!

Second Life has been around for a while and some people still dig it. Like IMVU, Second Life’s virtual world offers avatar interactions in different locations and situations. But did you know that unlike Second Life, IMVU starts you off with 4,000 FREE credits that you can use to buy any of their catalogue items to enhance your virtual world experience? Yup, they take care of you the minute you join! At Second Life you need to either earn or pay for your credits.

Like many virtual worlds, Second Life has a well-stocked catalogue of items that include different wardrobe pieces for your avatar, furniturefor your rooms and all that jazz. Meanwhile, IMVU has the biggest shop catalogue in the whole wide world! We're talking 30 million digital items for you to choose from, including thousands upon thousands of chat room products. How's that for variety? Looks like at IMVU more is…a LOT more.

Alternatives To Second Life


Second Life’s virtual world has a good graphic style…but not good enough to beat IMVU’s. In fact, IMVU was ranked as the Best Virtual World Game for Realistic Graphics for 2020 by Lifewire and they totally deserve it! Their designers create hyper-realistic 3D graphics that will make your avatar totally pop and push your social persona to the stratosphere.

So, to answer your question… if you’re looking for a virtual world with cutting edge technology where you can create really meaningful interactions with people from all over the world while looking totally fly, IMVU is the clear winner!

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You can enjoy the IMVU virtual world experience on your mobile phone, desktop or tablet. It’s all up to you. Just download the apps here and get started now!