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The new Avira Home Guard, the free security assistant for today’s smarter homes, found that over a quarter of routers had an exposed port, leaving the router and the home network vulnerable to hackers.

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Tettnang, Germany, July 19th 2018 – The new Avira Home Guard, the free security assistant for today’s smarter homes, found that over a quarter of routers had an exposed port, leaving the router and the home network vulnerable to hackers. Even worse, these vulnerable routers were highly exposed, with each having an average of more than 6 open ports.

Open router ports are just one of the security issues in today’s smart homes. While IoT devices have many features, these new devices bring an array of built-in and owner-enabled security and privacy issues.

The Avira Home Guard app is included in the Prime license. Install the app and discover all devices connected to your network, and check them for potential security issues. The installation is carried out via the My Avira Account on your computer. Make sure your computer has Internet connection before you start with the installation. Avira Home Guard is the free smart home network scanner that detects and identifies any device connected to your Wi-Fi, including from neighbors using your Wi-Fi. It checks for device vulnerabilities such as open ports and tests your internet speed. Avira Home Guard is an application offered by Avira Operations GmbH & Co. Some people decide to uninstall this program. Sometimes this is easier said than done because performing this by hand takes some know-how regarding Windows program uninstallation. AVIRA published Avira Home Guard for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install Avira Home Guard for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac. Let's find out the prerequisites to install Avira Home Guard on Windows PC or MAC computer without much delay.


Avira Home Guard Warranty

“Having a smart home is great, as things are faster, better, and cheaper to use. But to ensure that people can take advantage of these new technologies, we also want to make sure that their homes are safe and secure,” said Travis Witteveen, Avira CEO. “This need for a basic security scan that gives people an overview of what’s in their networks is why we developed Avira Home Guard.”

Avira conducted a two-month worldwide scan* of over 845,000 smart devices with a beta variant of Home Guard—a free app from Avira for both Android and Windows devices—mapping out connected devices in home networks, checking for any unpatched vulnerabilities, and recommending ways that users can fix them.

Over a quarter of the 137,000 identified routers (26.2%) had open ports, leaving them vulnerable to hackers. Even worse, there were often multiple open ports per router, indicating that if a home network was insecure, it was likely to be very insecure. The most common issue was with open FTP ports (150,000), the standard network protocol for transferring computer files.

The global project showed an average of 6 connected devices in each household, an indicator that smart home networks are getting bigger. Traditional devices—computers (31%) and smartphones and tablets (20.8%)—are on the verge of becoming a minority among the growth of other smart devices such as TVs and exercise trackers.

“The results show people need to take a closer look at the security of their smart homes and make some changes, especially on their routers, to enhance it. Open external ports allow about anyone to contact and exchange information with the online device,” said Vikas Seth, Avira Connect director. “We’ve designed Avira Home Guard to help detect vulnerabilities and offer suggestions on how a person can improve the security of their smart homes.”

Take a free smart home test with Avira Home Guard

1. Scan your home network: Avira Home Guard automatically discovers the connected network, then goes to work identifying everything on it. This list includes smart devices, Wi-Fi routers, cameras, smart TVs, Wi-Fi printers, media servers, as well as other computers, tablets, and smartphones in the house.

Avira Home Guard

2. Uncover vulnerabilities and get recommended solutions: Avira Home Guard scans the router for known vulnerabilities such as open ports. Once identified, Home Guard informs and advises the user to close the unwanted ports on router.

3. Remember all online devices: Home Guard remembers all the devices that have been connected to the network in the past (from the owner’s devices to visitors' devices), in addition to automatically looking for new devices. This memory enables it to more accurately chart all devices connected on the network and the security issues that they could raise.

Availability and price

Avira Home Guard is a completely free solution from Avira for Windows and Android devices. It can be downloaded via avira.com and at the Google Play Store.

Avira global research findings (April 1st – May 31st, 2018)

Average number of connected devices per network:

6 (rounded)

Total number of connected devices scanned:




Smartphones & tablets:








Home automation (i.e. cameras):




Total number of scanned routers:


Routers with open ports


Open ports by type:







*Home Guard user database scan

About Avira

Avira’s mission is to protect people in an increasingly connected world. As the original pioneer of freemium security software, Avira offers consumers a complete portfolio of security, privacy, and performance tools for free with premium options. For over 30 years, Avira has been consistently innovating and adapting to the ever-changing digital world and today offers products for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and smart homes that are consistently rated best-in-class.

Avira is now a part of NortonLifeLock Inc., a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety. For more information about Avira visit www.avira.com.

A free app to secure your smart home network, and discover every device on your Wi-Fi.

This feature is included with our all-in-one, free apps for Android and iOS.



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Your home is smart, and therefore vulnerable

From smart TVs, smart thermostats, cameras, and lights to smart kitchen appliances, your home is smarter than you think. But there’s a catch. Every internet connected device is vulnerable to external cyberthreats.

Home Guard scans your home Wi-Fi network to detect every connected device including laptops, smartphones, routers, smart TVs, IoT appliances and more.

The app displays vital information: device category, IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor, then performs a vulnerability check for each device. Home Guard helps keep uninvited guests where they belong: out of your smart home.

Keep your smart home secure and hackers frustrated

Who’s on your Wi-Fi network?

Are neighbors accessing your Wi-Fi? Home Guard displays all your connected devices, detects new ones, and stores the list in your dashboard, so you always know what’s happening.

Is your smart TV spying on you?

Your smart devices may do more than what you expect. Home Guard scans all detected devices for security flaws, notably open ports, which can be used to spy on you.

Alan Border

July 7, 2018

'It was surprising to see all my connected devices, some I had no idea about, many open ports were the opener for me, good that I stumbled upon this app not to mention very easy to use.'

Bogdan Grigorasi

July 5, 2018

It showed all my network devices instantly... nice app love it.

Magic One

September 13, 2019

'Avira Home Guard is a scanner that lists all the available devices on your network. You can also press the Security Scan tab to see if you any an open ports or other vulnerabilities. It will show you if there are open ports on any devices on your network. It is a great feature as it protects each device that is on your network.'

Ahmed S.G.H.

September 14, 2019

Avira Home Guard

“It's really a useful app, I've been using this app for a while now and I really like it, its simplicity by showing me the connected devices and their exact names is really useful, thanks to it I could know who's connected to my network and who's not.”

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