Asrock Temperature Monitor

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Asrock Temperature Monitor
while we wait for someone from ASRock, my two pence.
You should say which m/b and bios you have.
That said, actually any bios should have only CPU (the old tCtrl) and MB sensors shown, so I think you have an old bios.
For the temperature cap, 100° and the offset is for the fans, for what I've understood, while the real cpu temperature limit is hardcoded in the cpu itself (for my ryzen should be 85°), so once there it starts throttling in order to reduce the load and keep the temperature there.
This is the behaviour I observed. For istance, with heavy stress the temperature rockets to 80° (and so do the fans...) than gradually in few minutes reaches 85° and stays there forever (or until I kill the stressing processes).
I never had a shut down due to the temperature level.
Anyway you can test it yourself, simply burn an ISO (win PE or linux), boot it and stress the cpu (for linux I use stressng with matrix option), so even if you have a shutdown, you don't put at risk your working system and you can tweak more.

Asrock Motherboard Temperature Monitor


Cpu Temperature Monitor Asrock

The ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility is designed to give the user with an ASRock motherboard more control over certain setting. This software consists of five main modules: Hardware Monitor, Fan. Total newbie here, first pc i build myself and i'm trying to figure out how to have the asrock going as silent as possible and i just configured the.