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LibreOffice is a open-source and free office suite. In this tutorial, described steps to install the latest LibreOffice 7 on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux system.

Uninstall libreoffice apt

LibreOffice is an open-source cross-platform office suite, serving as a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office. It was forked from OpenOffice 3.3.0 and has gained ground in Linux distributions as the default office suite. LibreOffice office suite 7.1.2, the second bug-fix release for the 7.1 series, now is available to install in Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 20, Ubuntu 20.10 via its official PPA.

Sudo apt remove libreoffice. Next, you’ll want to head over to the Libre Office website and download the latest Linux version. Currently, it is version 6.4.1 and you will want the 64-bit Linux. Sudo apt-get install libreoffice. Installation will take a while depending on your Internet connection speed. It will take additional 320MB (approximately) space of your SD card. Based on my test, the loading time is a bit long, but the office applications are decent and usable.

You can install latest version of LibreOffice either using the official PPA or the Snap package manager.

Apt Libreoffice


You must logged in as root or user with sudo privileges.

Installing LibreOffice on Ubuntu#

Apt Install Libreoffice

The official PPA includes the latest version of the LibreOffice package. Also, the Snap package is available for the LibreOffice installation. We will see here both way to install the LibreOffice on Ubuntu 20.04 system.

Install LibreOffice using Snap Package#

Snaps have a larger disk footprint and longer application startup time. The LibreOffice snap packages are regularly update with the latest security and critical bug fixes.

Apt Libreoffice

You can install the snap packages via the Ubuntu software application or using command-line.

Let’s install LibreOffice via command-line, type the following command:

That’s it, the LibreOffice is installed on your Ubuntu system and ready to start using it.

Once a new version is available the snap will will be automatically update in the background.

Install LibreOffice via PPA#


This is the another way to install LibreOffice via PPA. The latest debian packages includes the LibreOffice 7.0 specific PPA. First, you should add it to your system by running below command:

Libreoffice Ubuntu Apt

It will update the packages cache of your system. After that, you would run the following command to install the LibreOffice:

It’s done. Libreoffice has been installed on your system.

Launch LibreOffice Application#

Click on Activities and type “LibreOffice” and it will show you the list of the application launcher of all office suite applications. Click on the icon to launch the application of your choice.



In this tutorial, you have learned to install LibreOffice office application on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux system.

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