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Antivirus Software has never been more critical for anyone using the internet, whether you are an individual or a business.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 also has a data sharing program that allows the software to send information about viruses, Trojans, rootkits and other malware found on your computer back to its databases. This is a way to keep tabs on new threats and pass along protection to other Bitdefender users before the malware becomes a cyber outbreak. Intelligent Antivirus Detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and phishing. We use smart analytics to stop threats before they affect you.

There are countless threats to cybersecurity for every device these days, and hackers are frequently devising new ways to gain access to systems. It is because of this that there are a lot of different options available for antivirus software, making it difficult to choose which software is the best for you. We will be looking at the best antivirus software of 2021, both free and paid.


Bitdefender is one of the best-rated antivirus software options available. Bitdefender’s free version offers real-time monitoring for malware, spyware, viruses, and ransomware. It is simple to set up and runs quietly in the background without bogging down your system. Its user interface is easy to use, even for a beginner. The paid version will protect five devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and you can run a VPN and put parental controls on your children’s computers.

Bitdefender also gives you online banking protection with Safepay, which will secure your web browser. It offers a password manager and a vulnerability scanner. The VPN is top-notch, but it has a daily traffic limit of 200MB. It also includes hijacking countermeasures for your webcam and microphone.


Norton Antivirus is another excellent choice for antivirus software that has been around for a long time. It comes with a ton of high-quality features, even if you only get entry-level software.

Norton has an intelligent firewall to help keep your system protected, and it has browser protection measures as well. It also offers a backup tool with 2GB of online storage that is user-friendly, so you can set it up quickly, which can be upgraded to 10GB of storage, and it has some PC maintenance tools too. You can also purchase VPN protection and dark web monitoring. You can have up to five devices covered, as well as parental control.

The one downside to Norton is that it takes up a lot of your system resources, so you might find your computer lagging while Norton is running.

Trend Micro


Trend Micro focuses on security for businesses, but it can be used by individuals too. It has simple protection that is highly effective, with a user-friendly interface so that even a beginner can understand how it works.

It offers a strong ransomware protection, and it is one of the best options for protection from phishing websites, and it has online banking protection. If you have the next tier up in their coverage, you can also get social media protection tools, parental controls, secure file storage, and a password manager. The top tier also includes VPN and free technical support.

You can get coverage of up to ten devices, and it is usable on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.



Avast antivirus is known for its free software, which includes a great firewall, file shredder, and a wi-fi inspector that monitors your network for any vulnerabilities. It also has privacy tools to protect any files that have sensitive, personal information on them and a software update feature that will make sure software is patched and up to date, keeping it secure.

Avast covers up to ten devices and is usable on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

The one issue with Avast is that it takes up a lot of resources to run, especially when it is conducting a malware scan, which can be frustrating to users. It also does not have quite as effective anti-phishing software as some of its competitors do, though its core antivirus protection is strong.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home was designed to be used by novices, though some experts see the user interface oversimplified as a result. It offers excellent virus protection and performs well against ransomware.

Sophos Home can be used on Windows and Mac, and it can cover up to ten devices. It has both a free and a paid plan.

The interface can be clunky, especially since it does not offer many lower-level tweaks to its users.

Antivirus Software Malwarebytes

ESET Antivirus

ESET offers excellent ransomware protections, and while its basic program does not come with many features, it is easy to configure. The system is streamlined, so it does not hog your system resources. It offers cloud scanning, UEFI scanning, and an exploit blocker.

ESET can cover up to five devices, but it only works on Windows.

ESET can be difficult to navigate if you are a novice, but you have a lot of control with this interface.


McAfee is another antivirus software that has been around for a long time. It has been around since the 1980s and is still a popular antivirus software because it offers excellent antivirus features. McAfee provides an intelligent firewall, integrated VPN, spam filtering, file securing, and some options to help you speed up your PC. It also protects you against ransomware protection, a password manager, and identity theft protections that monitor your system for signs of identity theft.

100% free malwarebytes anti malware

McAfee can cover up to ten devices and works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. It runs quietly in the background without taking up many of your system resources.

Free antivirus software malwarebytes


Malwarebytes offers protection from viruses and malware, and it is well known for being a go-to for people who need to scrub viruses from their systems. You can get protection and disinfectant from Malwarebytes for a reasonable price, and there is a free version of the antivirus software too. It does not come with as many features, but it is excellent at disinfecting systems and defending against new threats.

Malwarebytes is usable on Windows, Mac, and Android devices and covers up to five devices.

Final Thoughts

No matter what computer you have, you need to have antivirus software on it to keep all of your information safe. The antivirus software we have discussed here are all excellent options to help defend your computers against hackers, whether you are an individual or a business.

Malwarebytes Virus Protection

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Best Antivirus Software Malwarebytes

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