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If you need postcards and design for your Direct Mail campaign:make sure your EDDM is in complian. Brand awareness for direct mail and postcard marketing is up to 70% greater than digital marketing; Over 60% of people are more inclined to visit a website after receiving a postcard; 57% of respondents say that postcard marketing makes them feel more valued as a customer; 79% of customers act on a direct mailer immediately vs 45% for email. Named DUBLIN DIRECT ENTRY, located in Ireland, and belongs to AN POST, AN POST (Ireland), Ireland. Has restrictions: BILATERAL AGREEMENT REQUIRED International mail sorting centers are located around the world and serve as transit points for forwarding between members of the International Postal Union. All sorting centers of «AN POST»: GBLONJ. The UPS Store® can help you target customers with ease using Every Door Direct Mail ® from the USPS. Find your local store now to get started. Targeted Direct Mail. Focused Direct Mail - With our targeted direct mail, we help you reach a specific list of customers. We can help you put together a complete direct mail campaign from start to finish. At An Post, we’re here to help. If you are not sure how to trace your item or have missed a delivery, this is the right place to find answers to those and many other common questions, like redirecting your mail or calculating costs.

We provide a culture of personalized services and solutions but unfortunately we are only able offer our Personalized Print services, Direct Mail and Direct Marketing services and Postcard Retargeting services only to customers with offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico. And in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Regulations, we don’t collect email addresses, any browser based history or any Personal Identifiable Information, or Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information on you.


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