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Amaretto Second Life

A Breedable and Rideable Horse developed by Amaretto Breedables. Released into Beta in June, 2010 there was a short pause before a 2nd beta at the beginning of August with release expected at the end of August, 2010. The horses include a variety of coats, colours and eyes. The current horse breeds available are Bay, Painted, Palomino and Appaloosa. Interaction is via a menu accessed by touching the horses.

Quick Info

  • You will be able to ride your horses when they turn 7.
  • Horses Breed at age 7.
  • They are considered full grown, where the horse won’t grow any larger age 7
  • The Physical Movement Setting (which is supposed to be listed as Normal) uses a semi physical movement that the physics is only on when the horse moves and off when standing still this is to reduce collisions and lag.
  • The Phantom Movement Setting allows the horse to move in a phantom state completely eliminating collisions all together.WARNING THE HORSE WILL BE ABLE TO GO THROUGH WALLS, AND FENCES. PLEASE SET THE RANGE APPROPRIATELY
  • The Off Movement Setting turns off the movement completely but still allows the animations and sounds to function.
  • The Salt Lick helps to increase the happiness of the horse. It only needs to be used when you are trying to increase the Ferver of the horse for breeding and do not have the time to ride them to increase their happiness.
  • The Range is set in Meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. (The Radius of a circle is measured from the center to it’s edge)
  • Food can not be set to phantom. Also I don’t think we want the baby horses getting lost in the Food do we?
  • Pairing gives you the ability to make horse breed with only one other horse. It will last until the horses breed or until you break the pairing.
  • Mating allows you to choose who’s horses your horse can mate with….. being only yours (Owner), your friends (Group), or everyone’s (Any).Parents refer to a feature that will state in local chat what the parents of a particular horse are.
  • A horse will become sick if it’s hunger reaches 100%. The horse will say it’s sick in the hover text. The Healing Kit should only be used when the horse is sick.
  • When you put your Horses on Pet Food and then switch them over to Breeder’s food it will take 3 days after being transferred to breeder food before they can start building fervor.
  • Pregnancy lasts for 3 days.
  • After having the baby it takes 4 days for the female to recover, then 2-3 days for it to get back 100% fervor.
  • The food will last the 2 Regular Horses 2 weeks.
  • The Salt will last as long as the food. We do NOT recommend having out more than one Salt Lick the boosts will not stack.
  • It is normal for the movement to stop after the horse has become ill.
  • Males fervor rises faster than the females
  • Pregnancy continues at it’s normal rate while a horse sleeps. It just will not give birth until it wakes up.

Amarreto Team

Josaphine & Jaysin Cooperstone – Creators/Owners of Amaretto Ranch

Dakota Delicioso – Range Boss (Head of Customer Service)

Second Wife Polygamy

Jaymee Caproni, Richie Caproni and Avalon Crystal – Lead Riders (Customer Service)

Kraven Gothly and Etienne Sahara – Ranch Hands (also Customer Service)

Lexxure Lock – Script Wrangler (in charge of the scripting on the project)

Cheetah Kitty – Lead Wrangler (in charge of building and textures on the project)

Tmzasz Luminos – Web Wrangler

As the horses are not released yet look for changes and additions to the staff as the project grows and changes all the time.


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Also Note:

Second Party Registery Service called My SL Horses has been developed NZ Shepard and Calista Janus.