Add Spotify To Sonos

  • Download and open the Sonos app. Tap More, then Add Music Services. Select Spotify, then Add Account. Enter your Spotify account details. Download and open the Sonos app. Click Add Music Services on the right and select Spotify. Click Next, then Add Account. Enter your Spotify account details.
  • Add Spotify to Sonos. Mobile and tablet. Download and open the Sonos app. Tap More, then Add Music Services. Select Spotify, then Add Account. Log in to your Spotify account. Download the Sonos app. Download and open the Sonos app. Click Add Music Services on the right and select Spotify.
  • Once you have connected your Spotify account to your Sonos, you will see any playlists you have already created and any songs you have starred. You will also have the ability to search Spotify for.

Part 1. Listen to Spotify Playlists on Sonos with Spotify Premium


You can't play artist radio or Spotify Radio, and podcasts are not supported using Alexa either; you'll you'll need to use your Sonos app, just like before. Also, if you're using curated playlists from Spotify, you'll need to be following it and have it listed in your playlists. Your instruction then must specify that it's a playlist.

Sonos is one of the leading music players in the world of wireless multi-room speaker systems. Partnered with Amazon, users can use Alex, voice assistant to control Sonos speakers. Besides, Sonos is planning to be compatible with every voice assistant on the market eventually to enjoy music entertainment easier. Because of the cooperation of other streaming music companies, Sonos has integrated a wide variety of music streaming services, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, MOG, Pandora, QQ Music and Amazon Music.

However, when it comes to casting music streams to Sonos, you should pay attention that except Pandora, other streaming music services require users to upgrade to Premium account, also including Spotify. If you have been a Premium subscriber who pay $9.99 a month for an enhanced ad-free service, you can refer to the following steps to play music on Sonos from Spotify. If you are a free user on Spotify, you can directly skip to the next part to find the complete guide on streaming Spotify music on Sonos without Premium.

Super Easy Set-up

Step 1. Download the Sonos app on mobile and run Sono speakers on your Wi-Fi. You can also download Sonos app on desktop.

Step 2. In the Sonos app, please choose 'Add Music Services' from the 'Music' pane, select 'Spotify', and then click 'Next'. (Make sure Control Sonos from Spotify is turned on the Settings).

Step 3. Choose 'I already have an account' and click 'Next' to enter your login details to allow Sonos.

Control Sonos with Spotify Connect

Step 1. Open Spotify app on your device. Please make sure your device using Spotify is on the same Wi-Fi network as Sonos system.

Step 2. Play your favorite playlist on Spotify app and tap 'Devices Available' option. Note: Podcasts are unsupported on Sonos.

Step 3. Select your Sonos speaker from the device picker and start listening to Spotify music on Sonos.

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-- The payment method for my Spotify premium service expired and I didn't change it because I just want the free Spotify version. Now I'm trying to play my Spotify playlist in the Sonos app. It keeps saying...

'Spotify on Sonos requires a Spotify Premium Account. Upgrade at...'

Is it true? Do I need a premium acct to play Spotify on Sonos now?

-- Is there any way to stream Spotify on Sonos without upgrading to a 'premium' Spotify account?

Spotify is an online music service giving users the ability to play music on-demand via wireless Sonos speaker set-up using Spotify's unique technology. You may also meet such a same problem in playing Spotify music or playlist on Sonos. Our guide below will show you the concrete steps of how to stream Spotify music on Sonos with or without Premium account.

1. Stream Spotify Music to Sonos with Premium Account

Spotify and Sonos will allow access to all of your existing Spotify playlists and their entire catalogue in every corner of your home. The steps to get Sonos and Spotify Premium playing together are really easy and the process takes just a couple of minutes. Note that you need a Spotify Premium account to do this, so unfortunately free users are out of luck. The following will be the detailed steps.

Step 1 Install and fire up the Sonos app on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Step 2 Set up your Sonos speakers on your Wi-Fi, following the steps in the app.

Step 3 Tap Add Music Services and select Spotify. (Make sure Control Sonos from Spotify is turned on in Settings.)

Step 4 Make sure your Sonos system and device using Spotify are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then fire up the Spotify app.

Spotify On Sonos

Step 5 Play a song and tap on the button marked Devices Available beneath the playback bar.

Step 6 Select a Sonos speaker and start listening.

2. Play Spotify Music on Sonos without Premium Account

Since a Spotify Premium account is required to work on Sonos, Spotify free users need to find another way to play Spotify music on sonos. It is well known that each of Spotify music are protected by encryption, only the paid users (Premium and Family users) can stream Spotify albums and playlists on Sonos. So if you are Spotify Free user and want to play Spotify music on your Sonos system, the best way is to convert Spotify music to plain format.

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How To Add Spotify To Sonos App

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How To Add Spotify To Sonos System

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